“VINLAND SAGA” Global Fan Art Contest Announcement of results


The “Vinland Saga Fan Art Contest” received many entries from all over the world.

At last, the winners of each prize are announced!

※Some pictograms in the winners’ account names have been omitted.

1.Grand Prize(1Winner)

Prize:A Color illustration hand-drawn by Makoto Yukimura

Award:Paji’s work



2.Runner-up Prizes(5Winners)

Prize: A teaser poster signed by Makoto Yukimura, Shuhei Yabuta, and Takahiko Abiru

Award①:へんた’s work

Award②:道路三’s work

Award③:クリ拾い’s work

Award④:ハシモト 低浮上’s work

Award⑤:davin’s work



3.Excellent Award(5Winners

This is an award that was hastily established because we received more powerful works than our staff imagined!

Director Yabuta and Mr. Abiru are selecting the works for each category!

Prize: Postcards with illustrations of Director Yabuta and Mr. Abiru & Comment on the work


「SEASON1」category:Vannα’s work

▼Director Yabuta’s comment

I think you’ve done a wonderful job of capturing the nobility and presence of Askeladd! Not only did he leave an impact on many people in the story, but I could feel that his appeal was felt by many Vinland Saga fans!


▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

The light shining from the ceiling was impressive. I wondered what the seated Askeladd was thinking at this moment… I thought it was a wonderful work, a perfect match of high artistic ability and majestic atmosphere!


「Future」category:ハナヲ’s work


▼Director Yabuta’s comment

The past and the future of Thorfinn. This is a powerful work that depicts the changing of the seasons with a touch full of hope! We still don’t know what kind of future awaits Thorfinn on his path, or what the meaning of what he has experienced will be!

▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

I always look at Hanawo’s works, and I strongly feel his love for Vinland Saga. This piece in particular is beautiful, the colors are wonderful, and it makes me feel happy. I’m looking forward to your future works!


「Cute」category: Kebb’s work


▼Director Yabuta’s comment

I got the strange feeling that Thorfinn, whose vision had been narrowed by hatred, suddenly regained his connection to the world! Not only are the designs pretty, but the colors and shading are lovely!

▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

I thought that if I could draw pictures with such good taste, I would enjoy every day. I admire your good sense in drawing the realistic Vinland Saga in such a cute way.


「Originality」category:Cappucosmic’s work


▼Director Yabuta’s comment

The moment I saw it, I felt a tremendous sense of frustration. This is one of my favorites, with a powerful touch of the anguish and guilt that weighs heavily on Thorfinn!

▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

I couldn’t help but think, “Oh no!” I thought to myself, “Oh no! The overwhelming individuality of this work, which is completely different from the other works, and the indescribable bewildering emotions overflowing from the screen were almost addictive. The author’s other works are all gems as well, so I hope everyone will give it a try!


「Reality」category:凱蘭 Kyra Amke? 

                   Fagradalsfjall Fan Account‘s work



▼Director Yabuta’s comment

With so many high level cosplayers out there, you guys did a great job of capturing the world and the drama! Thank you both for your enthusiasm!

▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

I thought this was a professional job. I enjoyed watching it, thinking that if Vinland Saga were to be made into a live-action movie, it would look something like this!



4.Staff Favorite Prize(10Winners

Prize:Comment on the work


<Director Yabuta’s Favorite Works>

Award①:KyleDaFrog’s work


▼Director Yabuta’s comment

The touch of originality, the colors, and the powerful gaze of Thorfinn floating in the darkness were impressive! I think this is a work in which you can directly feel the harshness of the world in which he lives and the coolness of Thorfinn, because Thorfinn walks a path full of suffering. After all, a victorious Thorfinn is very cool!


Award②:高尾造形所 ‘s work


▼Director Yabuta’s comment

I never thought I’d see someone modeling London Bridge…! It’s one of my favorite locations in the anime, and I knew I had to model it! I’m sure it was a lot of work, but I’m glad you were able to recreate the charm and power of that structure! I can feel the pressure of Thorkell!


Award③:やぎ’s work


▼Director Yabuta’s comment

I love works like this that express a “moment” that could have been! I can feel again that Thorfinn has been watched over by so much kindness…. I can only hope that the day will come when he will be able to realize this.


Award④:Riku’s work


▼Director Yabuta’s comment

I’m really glad that you found a way to join the fan art contest, even though you said you’re not good at drawing! I think your work has a warmth that connects the fans to the world of Vinland Saga! It’s such a warm and welcoming way to connect the world of Vinland Saga with its fans, and I can feel once again the joy of working on an anime that is loved by fans all over the world!



Award⑤:MOCOTOCOTOCO‘s work


▼Director Yabuta’s comment

I’m working on the second stage of the project, hoping to make Thorfinn stand in this place again. That’s why I was so happy to hear that someone else had the same vision of this scene! I think this is the kind of work that makes you feel both the origin of Thorfinn and the expansion of its future!


<Mr. Abiru’s Favorite Works>

Award①:aki t&b2 waiting room’s work


▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

The lovely Carli and the gentle gaze of Thorfinn. This piece is one of my favorites, as you can almost hear the two of them talking. Those of us who’ve known Carli since he was a baby can’t wait to see how he’ll grow up!


Award②:Fabulous Hamburger ‘s work


▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

I felt as if I was watching an impressionist painting like Gogh or Gauguin, two of my favorite painters. In an age where so much is painted digitally, this is one of my favorites, where this piece gives me the feeling of painting skin!


Award③:La PA$$HONE’s work

▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

The composition of the screen is so wonderful that I want to watch this work all the time. I felt that I had to learn from the passion of drawing so many characters in one piece. It’s a supreme piece with everything Vinland Saga has to offer!


Award④:syd™®©’s work

▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

Of all the works I saw in this fan art contest, I thought this was the one with the most attractive depiction of Canute. It’s my favorite piece that I’ll use as a reference when drawing Canute from now on!


受賞作品⑤:черная жижа Сергеяさんの作品


▼ Mr. Abiru’s comment

I looked at some of the author’s other works. I thought he was a very talented artist, so I chose this as my favorite work. I found the experience, including this piece, very inspiring. Thank you very much!



Congrats to all the winners!

We will also post the works that narrowly missed out on winning the awards but were nominated for each award! They are all great works, so please take a look!


■Nominated works of Grand Prize


■Nominated works of Excellent Award











Thank you for all your wonderful work.

Thank you for your continued support of 『VINLAND SAGE』!