Main cast members with their comments are here!


■Thorfinn(CV. Yuto Uemura)
A young man who was on the battlefield as a Viking only for the purpose of avenging his father and defeating Askeladd. However, he loses the purpose of revenge and becomes a slave, being exiled from the battlefield. He has lost his hatred and fighting spirit, and has doubts about life.

Yuto Uemura’s Comment
Finally, a new story of Thorfinn will begin. I’d like to fully utilize my experience playing the role in SEASON 1, and carefully create the story by interacting with other casts.
I really love the intimate time spent on “Vinland Saga.”. All the cast and staff are working on the production by putting all their hearts into it, so please look forward to it! Stay tuned for the releases!!
■Einar(CV.Shunsuke Takeuchi)
A young man with a strong sense of justice who was born and raised on a farm in the north of England. After losing his family in the war, he was bought as a slave by Ketil and worked on his farm.

Shunsuke Takeuchi’s Comment
I’m Shunsuke Takeuchi, playing the voice of Einar.
The theme of season 2 is about a conflict of the mental battle rather than physical one.
In order to draw the psychological depiction more attractively, I had extensive meetings with the director before recording.
Thorfinn shows a different side of him compared to the last season. Meanwhile, Thorfin being a formal warrior becomes a hindrance for Einar.
I’m hoping that fans that’s going to watch the show will enjoy the crude, but also beautiful human drama that starts off from a distorted encounter.
Please look forward to it!
■Canute(CV. Kensho Ono)
Prince of the second order of succession to the Danish throne. He was originally cowardly in personality, but the death of his servant Ragnar helps him decide to live as the successor to the throne. After the death of his father, Sweyn, he set out to rule England with the military force.

Kensho Ono’s comment
Thorfinn and Canute are grown up and walking their respective paths. I think SEASON2 is told on an even deeper scale. In a journey to find answers such as what are we living for, fighting for and seizing. I would like to face Canute once again and play him with dignity. Please look forward to it!
■ThorKell (CV. Akio Otsuka)
A military commander who only lives to fight. After King Sweyn’s death, he controls an armed force by serving Canute.
He has an overwhelming strength and a daring personality. He is also a charismatic presence among the Vikings.

Otsuka Akio’s Comment
The time has come, what we were all waiting for.
I wondered how far this season will go, and wondered if Uncle Thorkell is going to go wild again. I’m getting really excited.
A lot of attractive characters will come out from now on. All the casts that are playing the characters are also attractive.
Please look forward to it!
■Arnheid(CV. Mayumi Sako)
A kind-hearted woman who serves Ketil and is also a slave like Thorfinn and Einar. Her beauty is breathtaking, as even Einar fell in love with her at first sight.

Mayumi Sako’s Comment
There are wars in every age. In textbooks, novels, manga and even on screens.
What can I do in this devastating reality?
I played Arnheid, praying for hope and light ahead of the storm.
Hopefully my role will reach out to everyone’s hearts.
■Snake(CV. Fuminori Komatsu)
He is the leader of the bodyguards who protect Ketil’s farm from foreign enemies. He usually looks easy-going, but he has a strong sense of empathy and swordsmanship.

Fuminori Komatsu’s comment
Snake has a gentle smile and patience that attracts others. He is tough, intelligent and always puts others first. However his cool expressions he shows on the screen is also an attractive thing about him. I wish to express his weight of words that everyone would want to look up to him.
In a world of constant conflicts, I’d like to think about what and who we are fighting for, and what we are sacrificing in the battle.
Let’s think together through this world of the Vinland Saga.
■Olmar(CV. Yuu Hayashi)
The second son of Ketil and the next head of the farm, but he dreams of going out on the battlefield and improving his martial arts. However, he has a cowardly personality and lacks in swordsmanship.

Yuu Hayashi’s Comment
I’m Yuu Hayashi, playing the voice of Olmar.
Olma is the next head of the farm, but he is a character who longs to be named as a sword fighter on the battlefield. I fell in love with this adoring character, which has various sides to him. While he longs to become a sword fighter, he also has a side of him which he is timid, but also gets carried away from time to time. All those sides of him make him a “humane” character. I feel so honored to play the role of such a lovable character. I’ll do my best to play him!
■Thorgil(CV. Taiten Kusunoki)
Ketil’s eldest son. He serves as Canute’s guard and has great fighting ability. He is quite something with both sides of violence and calmness.

Taiten Kusunoki’s Comment
“Vinland Saga” is a drama-like work that feels more realistic than an anime.
Among other characters, Thorgil shows various human dramas, and at the same time, he is a character with no hesitation to violence, which is a completely different value in the present day.
I challenge myself to re-enact Thorgil’s cruelty as close as I can to the original story, by facing him in every recording session.
Everyone, please look forward to SEASON2!!